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A Moderator's Perspective: Reflections on our First #NCed Chat

Co-moderating the inaugural #NCed chat on Twitter with Andrew Thomasson @thomasson_engl was quite an honor for me and exhilarating beyond words.In my role as a Regional Professional Development Consultant for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, I have been charged with the great responsibility of serving educators across our state and providing them with resources, information, and support they need to meet the needs of all students. 

Several educators joined us for the Tweetup at the Koury Convention Center at #13CCSA.  Many thanks to @jenniferlagarde and @mcdh109 for your support at the Tweetup.
 As I worked with my #NCed team to prepare for our first Twitter chat, I couldn’t help but grow more and more excited about our goal to provide a platform for teachers across our state to grow their personal learning networks (PLNs), to share best practices and resources, and to provide opportunities for support and guidance.  Not only was I excited about the chance to connect virtually with educators across our state, but I was genuinely touched by the excitement around the chat.  

One of the greatest accomplishments of #NCed is that it is truly a collaborative effort among public school leaders, leaders in higher education, and leaders from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  We know that to meet the needs of our teachers and leaders, it takes all voices to gain perspective and to provide the best resources available.  Tuesday, March 26 was just the beginning!We plan to continue to support NC educators through building this PLN to meet their needs.

If you missed our chat, here are some of my favorite Tweets.

If you want to revisit more of the conversation, visit the March 26 archive to review the discussion.

Several educators have shared with me that they want to get involved but need more support about how to use Twitter.  If you would like to review more resources to support you as you use Twitter to build your PLN, you can review this self-paced Twitter professional development resource.

As we continue to learn and grow as an #NCed team, our goal is to support you – educators in North Carolina – by providing topics that are meaningful to you.Please share our Smore and our blog with your colleagues.Take a moment to complete share topics you would like to explore with us on our Get Involved page.

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